I recently returned from my trip to the U.S.A. It was partly to demo the consumer version of the Omni, but also a fact-finding mission as I continued my research into Hades. Well, I think I may have attracted their attention. Or maybe this whole thing has made me paranoid. Judge for yourself:

My flight from London was mysteriously delayed by several hours. This caused me to miss the last connection out of Houston. I showed my passport to a woman at the check-in desk. She went away to make a phone call and when she came back I was told to wait for a white shuttle that would take me to some overnight accommodation. I won’t name the hotel, but interestingly it started with an ‘H’.


When I got to my room, I noticed some peculiar things. Firstly, there were odd paintings on the wall - they depicted scenes straight out of Milton’s description of Hell: a combination of barren wasteland, steam, and ice. You can see one of them in the photo. What chilled me most was the symbol above the mirror. Look familiar? It was eerily similar to the mark of Hades, so I decided to get out of there fast, just to be safe.


I slept a little at the airport. Later, while I was waiting to board, I answered a forum question using my laptop. I looked around, half expecting to see some shadowy figures searching for me, but nothing caught my attention. Just the usual sight of people staring vacantly at their cell-phones. Still, I decided to avoid using social media for a while, especially on unsecure networks.

I put my earlier fright to one side as I reached the Virtuix booth, which was adjacent to Oculus’. I may or may not have become a target for Hades, but the only targets on my mind for the next few days were the ones I shot down in Virtuix’s new game - TraVR: Training Ops.


Cosmetically, the Omni has improved tremendously from the earlier prototypes. It is sleek and futuristic looking, with a new rubberised footplate. Functionally, the height adjustment mechanism has been redesigned so it only takes a few seconds - you grab the handles and pull or push, and you can lock it into place by flipping the latches with your feet. The tracking now consists of rechargeable pods that slot into the shoes. The analogue movement they provide is amazing, and the harness is now more comfortably padded. What impressed me most of all however was the level of friction between the shoes and base. At no time did I feel it was too slippery or had too much resistance.


I will post my full impressions on the forum, but suffice to say I am in awe of what Virtuix have accomplished. Without doubt it will change our lives. Imagine for example, world leaders gathering together in virtual reality, sorting out their differences peacefully. Cultures, formerly divided, now able to mingle and lose their fear of each other.

I see there has been no further transmission from Doc V. I still don’t know exactly what he meant by the Omni helping us overcome our greatest challenge, but from what I’ve learned about Hades (which I intend to reveal soon) I believe we must hasten the VR revolution at all costs, before it is too late.

Veritas Omnia Vincit


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