Crimsonshards.com was born out of necessity, following a series of stunning revelations in December of 2014. Messages from a source who was later identified as Doctor Tristan Verstraeten ("Doc V") claimed to portend a great disaster facing humanity at the hands of a shadowy group that appeared to be holding him captive. These video messages were posted on the Virtuix forum which I help moderate. While at first I was unsure of their authenticity, details later emerged confirming Doc V was a real scientist researching black holes, string theory and M-theory at Cambridge University.


What connection existed between himself and Virtuix is still unclear. There is a resemblance between one of his mechanical drawings and the ‘Omni’ - Virtuix’s omnidirectional platform for Virtual Reality. This may have been a coincidence however, as the design could have been influenced by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. Yet there is an odd similarity in the intended functions of these devices that cannot be ignored. Doc V was seemingly hoping to create a portal through time and space. Virtuix’s platform is designed to let you navigate ‘in another world’. The potential benefits of a marriage between these devices may explain the relationship that existed, if indeed there was one.


That Virtuix might have been collaborating with a scientific research team would not be so surprising. What did cause great shock and disbelief however, was learning that Doc V had died two years prior in 2012 - shortly after the discovery of the Higgs Boson at CERN's LHC. How could Doc V have referred to the Omni in his video message if he’d died in 2012? Was someone pretending to be him? Why? Then it got really weird. In his second video, Doc V announced that he was transmitting his messages from the year 2043. Yes, not only was he back from the dead, he was also communicating to us from the future. This was the stuff of science fiction, but I guess it had to happen sooner or later. With our technological sophistication accelerating rapidly over the last few years, I had to accept that this was real.


I could try to speculate as to how it happened, but I’m no scientist, and I still don’t have all the facts. The content of Doc V’s videos were enough to persuade me that action had to be taken. If there is a prototype teleportation-device out there, and it has fallen into the hands of a murderous organisation, then all our lives could be at stake. I feel I'm only scratching the surface of this, but I will continue to post anything I find in the blog.


This should have been a happy time, preparing for the launch of the Virtuix Omni - a device that I believe will change countless lives for the better. However it is often true that technology that can be used for good can also in the wrong hands be used for evil. This may be only the first of many battles we must face, in this brave new world.


- sutekiB