LINK #1 - Doc V: Transmission-01


[18/01/2014] An odd video message appears on the Virtuix Omni forum


LINK #2 -


[23/12/2014] The user's website is discovered. He's Dr Tristan Verstraten - a professor at Cambridge University


LINK #3 - Cambridge Times Headline


[24/12/2014] An newspaper printed in 2012 claims that Dr Verstraeten was murdered in his lab


LINK #4 - Cambridge Times Page 2


[24/12/2014] Scan of page 2 of the article


LINK #5 - Crime Scene Close-up


[24/12/2014] Close-up of the symbol found at the crime scene


LINK #6 - Doc V: Transmission-02


[29/12/2014] Doc V reveals he is speaking from the year 2043. He shows us a scar on his neck, like the symbol found at the scene of his murder. He asks us to track it down, and warns that the "shards" are growing "too powerful".


LINK #7 - Jewel Heist News Clipping


[31/12/2014] A source provided me with an old newpaper clipping from the 70s that showed the same symbol. It reported the theft of a 'Crimson Shard' from a musuem and pointed the blame at a group called 'Hades'. This was the inspiration for making