A major breakthrough. A contact in the police sent me a newspaper clipping. The article, written sometime in the 70's, reported the theft of a 'crimson shard' from a New York museum, with the same symbol left etched into the crime scene. This time there is mention of a suspected group called 'Hades'. According to the curator, they are a shadowy organization like the Illuminati, associated with critical events in our past. He said they are referred to in old texts going back hundreds of years, with the symbol appearing occasionally. Now I have something substantial to go on, but still no clue what ties the crimson shard in the missing pendant, to Doc V, and what Hades wants with either of them. Still, I feel I have enough to publish this site with, and an inspiration for the name - crimsonshards.com

If you know anything about Hades, or you've seen this symbol elsewhere, please contact me.

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